Be Done with Food Overwhelm, Dieting, and Confusion about What to Eat.

No shade, but If diets really worked you would've been successful a long time ago.  It’s not your fault though. We live in a world obsessed with diet culture, clean eating, lifestyle changes, and hard core workouts, all in the name of ‘health.’

And likely you’ve been very obedient and doing ALL THE THINGS, but still feel disappointed and discouraged when you “fall off tracks.” Am I right? Or am I right?

I want to suggest that it’s something deeper that is holding you back from reaching your true potential in life and health. 

  • You’ve been dieting so long that you now depend on diets and find it hard to trust yourself
  • You’re doctor offers bad health news and you don’t really know what to do 
  • You’re doubtful you’ll ever achieve your health, life, and business goals because food stress is in the way..
  • You’d love to ditch the tracking apps, gimmicks, and the start over Monday syndrome, but don't know how or where to start.
  • You end up stressed and overwhelmed and then the cycle continues.


The Food Freedom Tapping App


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This app will guide you in Experiencing Food Freedom

You’ll be able to eat without the side of guilt. 

You can finally say bye-bye to stress, and anxiety around food choices while you improve your health, trust your body, and love yourself where you are.

When you join the waitlist you will get my $7 Tapping scripts for emotional eating absolutely free.

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The struggle is real and you know something has to change.
It’s time to address and break through the real obstacles holding you back from living your life on your terms without food stress and overwhelm.


And I’m sure its affecting other areas of your life too…

When you have Food Freedom, you can move beyond the fears and doubts that are holding you back in your life, health, and business, and move forward into your power & purpose! The answer is not in the next diet, or weight loss achievement. 


True success will always feel out of reach until you 
  • Stop dieting
  • Address the root of your stress, anxiety, fear, and other overwhelming emotions

Here's The Thing:

You have the ability to create the life you want! You get to decide what healthy looks like for you. You just need to get out from under the weight of diet culture, self-doubt, anxiety, and fear so that you can trust yourself to your true potential!

You need the joy and confidence that comes from Food Freedom!

To experience Food Freedom I teach you two things:

  •  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also called “tapping,” is a proven method of healing from emotional and physical pain based on traditional Asian medicine. Blending guided tapping, self-awareness practices, and stimulating your body’s meridian points, you can restore balance to your mind, body, and emotions. Guided EFT is known to reduce stress and anxiety, provide the clarity needed to overcome emotional barriers, and restore confidence! 
  • An Anti-diet approach

If you have been binge eating, overeating, restricting your intake, calorie counting, and fasting for years then this might feel difficult at first. You’ll learn the importance of rejecting the rules that are so deeply ingrained in your life that you barely notice them, and start honoring your body and what it needs a moment to moment instead of depending on diet after diet. This approach includes balancing gentle nutrition, self-love, intuitive eating, body acceptance, mindset work, and so much more.


As a Gold-Standard, Certified EFT Coach, Intuitive Eating Facilitator, and Certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Coach, I can help you achieve the clarity, confidence, and peace you need to move forward into your life and health with peace and love!

Stop wasting your time and money on the next diet program, seminars, and digging for online do-it-yourself resources!

The secret to Food Freedom lies in emotional freedom and shifting your mindset away from the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and co-dependent. 

Food Freedom Tapping brings calm to the chaos of food anxiety and worry!

What You’re Doing Now Isn’t Working! And it's not your fault.

Food Freedom & Tapping will help you finally…

  • Move forward in your health, and confidently take that next step!
  • Put an end to the stress and overwhelm leading you to weight cycling.
  • End the exhaustion from constant counting, measuring, and tracking your diet.
  • Stop falling victim to the scale determining your self-worth.
  • Discover your true gifts and value!

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Don't spend any more time feeling stuck, worried, or suffering in silence!


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Let Food Be Food & You Be You

Eat what you love without the side of guilt & shame.


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